Adding a product in Chec is easy.

In the side navigation, click on the Products tab and then the "+ Add Product" button in the top right of your screen.

There are two tabs when adding a product, General and Options.

The General tab allows you to quickly setup a product image, description and shipping so you can start selling instantly.

The Options tab gives your more customizable features for your checkout such as custom permalinks, product variants, required fields and discount codes.

Adding an Image

In the General tab, upload your product photo OR embed a preview cover from a site like Youtube or Soundcloud. You can upload PNG, JPG and GIF's files of any size to represent the item you are selling. Chec tip: Images that clearly show what you are selling will have better conversions with customers. Try to make the image consistent with your branding, aesthetic and online personality.

Product Name and Description

Your product name should clearly represent the product or service you are selling. Make the product name as concise and descriptive as possible so there is no confusion around what your customer is buying.

You want to keep the product description as short as possible whilst providing all relevant information about the product. Quantity, color, size, expiry and any other defining features should also be included if applicable.

If you don't want to play around with variants, embed links to other product checkouts using the #


You can sell anything on Chec for as little as $.50 and as much as $100,000.

Fixed Price vs Pay What You Want

Select fixed price for your product or service if you know what you want your customers to pay.

Select pay as you want with a minimum amount if you want your customers to choose the value of your item. The minimum amount to Pay What You Want is $0.50.

Your customers can choose to pay $0 if they want, in which case no fees will apply to the transaction.

Delivery options

Depending on the nature of your good, you can select both physical and digital delivery methods.

For physical goods you first need to setup your general shipping rates in the Setup> Shipping tab. When creating the product, enable your shipping zones for the product and add any additional shipping costs to the product. Try to provide shipping options that will work for you and your customers.

For digital products and services, customize the digital delivery for your customers. Add music files, whitepapers, images, receipts or anything else you might need to upload.

Delivery Window

Customize the delivery window for your digital download in just a few clicks.

The default delivery option is for your download link to not expire and to be dowloaded unlimited times. You can set your link to be dowloaded up to 30 times and for your link to expire after any number of days, weeks or months.

Thank You Page

To enhance your customers experience, you can add a thank you page that will be displayed once a purchase is made. This feature is a nice way to either thank your customers or redirect them back to your site.

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