Although the Manual Payments feature can be used for both physical and digital products, it is best suited for physical products as you will have to manually record payments and fulfill orders placed using this method.

Manual Payments are ideal for cash on delivery orders, bank deposits and any other manual payment process you can think of.

Pre-Order functionality can also be achieved using manual payments.

Setting up Manual Payments 

Enable Manual Payments in the Setup>Payment Gateways tab of the dashboard. 

  • Name the payment method and details of the method.

Name of Method: Direct Deposit
Details: Order will be shipped upon payment.

^What your customer will see at the checkout ^

  • Add payment instructions for your customer to complete the payment

Payment instructions:  Direct deposit the following amount into the bank account provided below. Order will be shipped when Direct deposit is made. Name: Jon Doe Account: xx-xxxx-xxx-xxxx-xx

^What your customer will see in the receipt^ 

Because of the manual nature of this payment method, you will then be asked to enter your billing information so Chec can charge you for the orders made. You will be charged the standard 3% (or plan selected) for every order made.
You will be invoiced every time you reach $100 in fees using the manual payment method.

Accepting orders and recording payments

In the Orders tab of your dashboard, you will see orders made via manual payments as Not Paid | Not Fulfilled.

When you click into the order, you will see all information about the order and the amount due. 

When it is time to flag the order as Paid and Fulfilled, click into the order and under Pending Payments, click the Record Payment button. 

You can record a Transaction ID or Reference ID to the payment and select a date that the payment was made.

Your order will now be recorded as Paid | Fulfilled.

Digital delivery with Manual Payments

If your product contains a digital delivery file and you are using the manual payments, the download link will be displayed in the receipt and sent via email but access to the file will be automatically revoked, meaning your customer will not be able to download the file.

Once the payment is manually received and you have recorded payment in the order, access to the download link will be re enabled with the defined access parameters.

Resend the receipt to the customer if you wish to remind your customer that they can now download the file.

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